About me

Pantea Mahrou

An Artist's Journey into Serenity and Symbolism

About the Artist

Pantea Mahrou is an artist who believes that finding inner peace and tranquility in today's fast-paced world is paramount. Amidst the overwhelming influx of information and the rapid pace of life, Pantea invites viewers to take a step back and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. With a professional career spanning 15 years, Pantea began her journey in architecture and leveraged her skills by taking a leadership role in her family's construction company. Her fascination with ancient architecture fueled her desire to delve deeper into its rich history, uncovering its mysteries and secrets.

Artistic Expression

Pantea's artistic portfolio is a fusion of extensive studies, life experiences, and spiritual symbolism deeply rooted in ancient cultures. By incorporating these symbolic elements into her artwork, she aims to introduce a wider audience to the rich heritage and positive energy of Middle Eastern culture. Mindful of the profound historical significance of colors, Pantea meticulously employs hues that resonate with ancient architects, particularly drawn to the serenity and calmness evoked by the color blue.

Unveiling Hidden Secrets

Driven by a yearning for mystery, Pantea embarked on a quest to learn ancient writings such as Avestan, cuneiform, and more. In her exploration, she delved into constellations and symbols from diverse ancient languages, harnessing their inherent positive energy. Pantea's intention is for future generations to unravel the hidden secrets interwoven within each artwork over time. Sculptural Mastery Pantea's reverence for sculpture led her to study under the esteemed tutelage of Mr. Parvis Tanavoli, one of the world's most renowned teachers. Her innovative approach combines various styles and techniques, resulting in unique and distinctive creations.

Wearable Art

Beyond paintings and sculptures, Pantea incorporates her vision into wearable jewelry pieces. Each meticulously handcrafted piece represents a wearable work of art infused with the same historical significance found in her other creations.

The Power of Texture

All of Pantea's artworks encapsulate the importance of texture. Whether it's a painting, sculpture, or piece of jewelry, texture plays a vital role in enhancing the visual and tactile experience.

Global Recognition

With the honor of exhibiting her art in prestigious national and international galleries around the world, Pantea Mahrou continues to inspire audiences with her unique perspective, passion for history, and dedication to infusing positive energy and mystery into each piece.

Certificates/Awards/Exhibitions :
- Qatar international Art Festival (2023)
- Nikan Art Auction (2023): Achieved highest sale price for sculptures
- Ashsep group exhibition ,Art and Culture (2023)
- Art performance Ashsep gallery (2023)
- Group sculpture exhibition at Art Center gallery (2023), A selection of 70 years of Iranian sculpture
- Ashsep gallery exhibition(2023)
- Solo exhibition at Occhi gallery london (2023)
- group exhibition Occhi gallery london (2023)
- Beverly Hills City Hall Private Event participation (December 2022)
- Group exhibition lagunaArt USA (2023)
- Holy Art gallery Athens (2022)
- 7th Interaction art unesco - Athens (2022)
- Hafta art gallery-milad tower Tehran (2022)
- Nikan Auction, Art of Masters (2022): Pantea Mahrou's artwork achieved the highest sale price among all artworks
- Moura gallery group exhibition (2021)
- Laguna Art gallery (Los angels.USA ) group exhibition (2021)
- Tricera online exhibition japan (2021)
- Occhi art gallery london solo exhibition ( 2021)
- Occhi gallery london group exhibition (2021)
- DD center art museum participation (2021)
- Lumer art gallery group exhibition (2021)
- Apparent of hidden selected of three generation Iranian women artists (2021)
- New Era -Eran Gallery group exhibition, toronto, canada (2021)
- Dio royal gallery Tajikistan (solo exhibition) (2020)
- Artli gallery (2020)
- Capital Art london online exhibition (2020)
- Boom at Boom ,at kish contemporary art museum (2020)
- Baam Art gallery (2020)
- Iran Art Festival (certificate of achievement) (2019)
- Paris Group Exhibition (2019)
- Ariana art gallery ,Group Exhibition (2019)
- E1 art gallery , Group Exhibition (2019)
- Rooz art gallery Group Exhibition (2019)
- Dosharm art gallery Group Exhibition (2019)
- Art time art gallery Group Exhibition (2019)
- Barsam art gallery Group Exhibition (2019)
- Bronze fashion jewelry design (2019)

Artist journals
- Interview with occhi magazine london
- Interview with “Honar Dar Saye” magazine